PORTUGAL / Madeira, an island with a volcanic character

A multi-facetted archipelago off the coast of Morocco, Madeira is most of all known for what it has produced. The first, its namesake, has a sweet flavor, and should probably be consumed in moderation. The second, even more supercharged, leads the Portuguese national football team, the number 7 on his jersey.
Text : Didier Forray - Photos : P. Forget & G. Humeau


MALTA / Valletta, Back to the Days of Knighthood

If you dream of testing a destination to go back in time, fly to Valletta! With its fortified port protected by impregnable citadels and bastions, the capital of Malta, and European Capital of Culture in 2018, offers you a gripping journey back in time to the Middle Ages.
Text : Didier Forray - Photos : P. Forget / S. Gautier