PORTUGAL / Madeira, an island with a volcanic character

A multi-facetted archipelago off the coast of Morocco, Madeira is most of all known for what it has produced. The first, its namesake, has a sweet flavor, and should probably be consumed in moderation. The second, even more supercharged, leads the Portuguese national football team, the number 7 on his jersey.
Text : Didier Forray - Photos : P. Forget & G. Humeau


PARIS / Chinatown on the Seine

The Indo-Chinese and Chinese of Cantonese origin have made their home in what has become the Parisian Chinatown. Very quickly, they started moving into the high-rise apartment buildings of Les Olympiades in the 13th arrondissement.

Text : Geneviève De Lacour - Photos : Stéphane Gautier